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We will create a strategic plan for your sales increase. Your customers will feel comfortable and be enthusiastic about your products and services. increasing your success is our mission.

upselling vs. loosing customers

win back a lost customer, asking for the needs of your customer. we make offers to show that you care, making customers to partners.

Return on investment

Calculate your investment in our services. we work smart and hard many ours a day to reach our target. our target is your success. reach more interested und satisfied customers, making appointments and contracts.

saved to the cloud

you have access to our database and be able to track our activities for you. special missions, quick react cases or just give an advise, we are on line.

Choose the perfect plan for your Salesmachine 360

all you need is a click away and we call you to talk about how to use our services


Per month

  • Sales Website
  • Marketing Tools
  • SEO
  • 5 Year Support


Per month

  • Sales Strategy
  • CRM Database
  • Sale Campains
  • 160 Hours


Per month

  • Free Consulting
  • Free Statistics
  • Free Reports
  • Free Support

Frequently asked questions

Keep it smart and simple. kiss your customers, smile to them. Together we create the plan to increase your income with more satisfied customers. your salesmaschine 360 is more than 360 days/year online for your customers. From contacts to leads and to customers.  Do you want that?

Website with Marketing Tools

• Installation, hosting, editorial system, e-mail

€ 99,00 once

• starter main page, privacy policy, cookie notice, imprint

o Editorial system with access for care, self-maintenance of content
o Responsive web design for smartphones, tablets, I-Pad, DesktopPC
o SEO optimized content of your presentation for search engines
o Analysis for the evaluation of statistics, visitors, target group etc.
o SSL certificate for encryption of data transmission
o Integration of:

Company logo & graphics Call to Action Marketing
call function for smartphones
callback function callback form
Social Media Marketing
Company address as a map
E-mail address including setup on 3 clients
Google Business entry
Google Analytics

€ 29,00 monthly
Contract 60 months or
€ 1.740,00 once

3AB Plan – 3 months active care – marketing and sales activities

o Digital Vending Machine DV360
o Scouting of potential customers in your target group
o Create and maintain prospects / customers
o Joint development of a customer approach strategy
o Contact – customer address on the phone
o Contact – company and product presentation by e-mail
o Active distribution of your products & services
o appointments
o Sales talks – price and contract negotiations
o Follow-up actions Resubmission of appointments
o Documentation of customer acquisition
o Statistics about number of contacts, deadlines, sales

€ 1,990.00 per month

Contract 3 months

We can support your employees with our service. Please contact us for an offer.

For many years we  supported our customers and now we offer this service europe-wide. A funnel with contacts should be constantly refilled and the contacts become customers. We promise careful work and an increase in your sales. According to “if a concept works, multiply it”.

Pick up the telephone and call us, together we can do it.

Our Service is a benefit for your company. Contact Us

Our clients

We cared the Foundation members and inspiered them to become a full member with all the benefits from the Foundation.
german council for Design and innovation awards
Customer Care
We got to know the product range of the latest Philips Smart TV in order to make the best possible offers for the customer.
Philips GmbH Market DACH
Inhouse Sales
We created a CRM System , Scouted new clients, contacted them by phone and e-mail. made appointments and long term contracts for software and webdesign.
German Internet Agency Bad Schwartau
Marketing Customer Care
We hold lectures on "Online Marketing" at the Industry and Commerce Chamber for Company Founders
German Chamber of Commerce and Industry Lübeck
Lectures Online Marketing

We are proud and full motivated to support “Ferocino Design Hamburg” in creating a Landingpage for Corporate Clothes

We are contracted with the target to gain new clients for ferocino design. Ferocino Design is a Fashion Label from Hamburg with a partnercompany in Xi’An. They have 32 worlds leading Stoll CMS flat knitting machines made in germany, over 150 3G-14G hand flat knitting machines and over 100 linking machines. They also have facilities for yarn preparation, washing, drying, ironing, seweing, as well as embroidery machines, and a full set of quality assurances equipment.